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Department Patent Number Title/Description Date of Patent
Architecture 9,289,782 System and Method for Air Filtration via Cyclone Separators Enclosed within Exterior Walls March 22, 2016
Chemistry & Electrical Engineering



Transforming a Tactually Selected User Input into an Audio Output

March 1, 2016

September 3, 2013

Mechanical Engineering 9,249,998 Air-cycle Environmental Control Systems and Methods for Automotive Applications

February 2, 2016


Aerospace Engineering



CubeSat System, Method and Apparatus

February 2, 2016

October 6, 2015

Horticulture & Crop Science 9,044,045 Anti-browning Compositions June 2, 2015
Civil and Environmental Engineering




Field Water Purification System -- A lightweight water treatment system which can be easily distributed and employed by disaster survivors for treating locally available water sources.

November 18, 2014

October 16, 2012

April 7, 2009

Mechanical Engineering 8,865,296 Designed Defects in Laminate Composites October 21, 2014
Mechanical Engineering 8,776,494 System, Method and Apparatus for Cooling Rock Motor Components using a Saturated Liquid-Vapor Coolant Mixture July 15, 2014
Industrial Technology 8,746,085 Method and Apparatus for Measuring Container Bulge June 10, 2014
Chemistry & Biochemistry 8,563,759 Process for Extracting Lipids from Microalgae October 22, 2013
Chemistry & Biochemistry 8,512,810 Shear-induced Alignment of Nano Particles in Coatings -- Method for Distributing Nano Particles on Substrate Surfaces August 20, 2013
Biology 8,435,737 Primers for the Rapid and Specific Detection of Propane-Oxidizing and Butane-Oxidizing Microorganisms and Methods of Using Same May 7, 2013
Industrial Technology 8,251,069 Combination Bite Block, Tongue Depressor/Retractor and Airway August 28, 2012
Electrical Engineering 8,179,282 Automated Consensus-based Data Verification Method for Highway Detector Testing May 15, 2012
Industrial Technology 8,063,374 Systems and Methods for Determining Recycled Thermoplastic Content November 22, 2011
Chemistry & Biochemistry 7,955,083 Atomic Tiles: A Learning Platform for Lewis Dot Theory -- Atomic tiles are  a novel platform for teaching basic covalent bonding theory.  Elements are fashioned into tiles with Lewis Dot theory incorporated into each tile June 7,2011
Materials Engineering and Biochemistry 7,901,370 Polymeric Splint and Rapid Setting Polyurethane March 8, 2011
Physics 7,812,950 Optical Method for Measuring Velocity using a Dynamic Grating October 12, 2010
Electrical Engineering 7,782,032 Multi-phase DC-DC Converter with Bypass Capacitor August 24, 2010
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering 7,541,931 Procedure for RFID Tagging of Reusable Plastic Containers June 2, 2009
Mechanical Engineering



Flexible Fastener -- Fastener that can be used in many applications to connect or tighten, where two holes are not aligned or where movement between the two objects is desired.

July 31, 2007

October 18, 2005

Industrial Technology Patent pending System, Method and Apparatus for Making and Using Flex Column Void-Based Packaging Materials N/A
Biology Patent pending Sequencing of Lactobacillus acidophilus Genome for Probiotics and Other Food-based Nutrition Delivery Systems N/A
Dairy Science Patent pending Food Product Having High Milk Protein Content and Process of Making Same N/A
Chemistry Patent pending Membrane-Based Devices for Multi-Step Assays N/A
Mathematics Patent pending Iterated Geometric Harmonics for Data Imputation and Reconstruction of Missing Data N/A
Chemistry Patent pending Reagent-Loaded Pencils and Methods N/A


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